Tahir Mehmood

Irfan Peci
September 5, 2018
Mubashir Farooq
September 5, 2018

Mr Mehmood is a researcher and expert in the field of radicalisation and terrorism. Tahir Mehmood has been attached with national projects in Norway, working as a consultant, developer and project director. With studies in CAD/CAM, Process Engineering and Commerce, conducted at the University College Salford, UK, he has developed projects and courses on counter-radicalisation in the NGO-Resource centre for Diversity, Integration and Peace of Drammen, Norway (Ressurssenter for Mangfold Integrering of Fred) – as well as knowledge-based indicators and barometers about the risk of radicalisation. Tahir is also the founder of the Dynamic Process Model of radicalisation for operationalisation, Algebraic equation of radicalisation, mapping methods for radicalisation, de-radicalisation dialogue model and the author of many publications about risk indicators, counter-radicalisation and Islamic religion. Presently, Tahir has designed DSS Decision making support system to identify radicalisation with prevention solutions and developing the software in partnership with the University College of South East Norway. He is also on the advisory board of European Justice Funded project -Risk Track.

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