Jamal al-Harith (Suicide Bomber) UK

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January 4, 2019
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Jamal al-Harith was a Muslim convert from Manchester, originally called Ronald Fiddler. His death in a car bomb attack at an Iraqi army base near Mosul was announced by IS who posted a photograph of him under the alias of Abu Zakariya al-Britani. He was detained in Guantanamo Bay by US forces in 2002 but was released two years later and reportedly received a million pounds in compensation from the British government. IS registration papers seen by the BBC show that he crossed into Syria from Turkey in April 2014 to join IS as a fighter.

Al-Harith was handed over to American forces in Afghanistan in early 2002. He was taken to Guantanamo where US interrogators found he provided useful information to them about the Taliban’s methods, and he was released after two years.

It was reported that Jamal received a million pounds in compensation from the government when he came back to the UK. The BBC has seen IS registration papers signed by Jamal in April 2014 when he crossed into Syria from Turkey. He volunteered to be a fighter, saying his knowledge of Islam was basic.

His wife told the media that she and their five children went to Syria try to persuade him to come back, but failed, and they ended up having to flee for their lives from IS territory.

He died in a suicide bomb attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul in February 2017.


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