Palestinian Terrorism

A campaign to raise awareness about child soldiers used by militant groups in conflicts aims to highlight the plight of Palestinian children who are used by militant groups.

The campaign is scheduled to take place from Feb. 18th to 21st.

The website of the campaign, named Palestinian Child Soldier Week, states:

PCS Week is a global movement to end the use of Palestinian children as child soldiers. It is non-partisan and non-political, and all inclusive. By bringing awareness to the plight of Palestinian child soldiers, the movement hopes to pressure and shame the offending organizations into cessation of their abuses.

The week of solidarity will begin on February 18th until the 21st, with all organizations and individuals welcome to join online and offline. On campuses across the US, students will hold solidarity rallies, urging everyone to sign the international open letter. If you would like to take part in the campaign online, visit our action center to see how you can help. If you want to hold your own rally, visit the resource center, and download printable content. Together, we can save Palestinian child soldiers. #KidsNotSoldiers


While talking to ITCT Newsdesk, ITCT Executive Director Noor Dahri said, “The use of children in conflicts by an assortment of groups, and in particular by Islamist groups, is a major human rights concern. It is against all rules of war, both international as well as Islamic. Today, children all around the world in a variety of conflict zones are being used by an assortment of bad actors. From child soldiers in Africa being used by militia to Palestinian children being used as child soldiers by groups like Hamas to carry out attacks against Israel, from Pakistani Taliban’s use of child soldiers for attacks against Pakistani security forces to the use of children by Islamic State in execution videos, this remains one of the worst evils of our world today. As an organisation that is firmly against extremism and terrorism in all its forms, ITCT is proud to support the Palestinian Child Soldier Week campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the use of Palestinian children by groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad for various terrorist activities including suicide attacks. These poor children belong in a school, not in the battlefield. We as a civilized society have a responsibility towards these misguided children.”


February 12, 2020

Palestinian Child Soldier Week seeks to raise awareness about the use of child soldiers in conflicts

A campaign to raise awareness about child soldiers used by militant groups in conflicts aims to highlight the plight of Palestinian children who are used by […]
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