On Sunday 11th November, ITCT launched a new feature called the Threat Meter, designed to keep the public and professionals updated about the latest terrorism trends around the world.

The new feature can be accessed from the top right corner of the ITCT website.


See the top right section to access the Threat Meter


Initially, ITCT has added a total of 15 countries to the Threat Meter system, namely Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Somalia, Philippines, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Israel, US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Nigeria and Egypt. More countries are expected to be added soon.


A screenshot from the Threat Meter page shows six threat meters indicating threat levels for six different countries


ITCT Newsdesk talked to the ITCT Executive Director Noor Dahri, who said,”ITCT Threat Meter is a very easy-to-understand feature that is designed to monitor, assess and display terror threat levels for various countries based on a combination of various assessments, such as the British government’s travel advisory, global terrorist threat levels as announced by the U.S. State Department, as well as latest news coverage of local terrorism trends and intelligence assessments of our analysts and local law enforcement and counter-terrorism units. Our Threat Meter makes it easy for our subscribers as well as the general viewers to keep themselves updated with the latest global terrorism trends. If you are planning to travel to Australia, you can simply check our Threat Meter instead of aimlessly wandering through different government websites. Our Threat Meter will tell you what is the present threat level for Australia, or most other countries. We have started with fifteen countries but we will be adding more countries to our Threat Meter system every month and one of our aims with this new feature is to make it easier and faster for people to know how safe is the country they’re planning to visit. So far we have received very positive response from our subscribers, supporters and followers on social media.”

While talking to the ITCT Newsdesk, ITCT Deputy Director Faran Jeffery said,” Our Threat Meter is based on a value system that combines various assessments to deduce the threat level of a country. It was very important for an independent initiative to keep the people informed about the global terrorism trends because plenty of governments, specially in the third world, lie not only to their own people but also to the rest of the world about the threat level in their country and for an average person it can get very difficult to ascertain the risks attached to any particular geographical location. Our Threat Meter is updated in real time and with this new feature, we intend to make things simpler for an average person and we are hoping for some positive feedback.”


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On Sunday 11th November, ITCT launched a new feature called the Threat Meter, designed to keep the public and professionals updated about the latest terrorism trends […]
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