Zahra Halane, a 16 years old girl belong to a Somali Muslim family. The Halane family is of Somali origin, but lived in Denmark as refugees before settling in Chorlton, in Manchester.

Counter terrorism police in Manchester say she left her home in Manchester to go to Syria with her twin sister, Salma in June 2014. It is believed their older brother Ahmed is also fighting jihad. Zahra married British fighter Ali Kalantar, claiming in an online message that he had been killed in Iraq in December 2014. She has been an active advocate of Islamic State, posting supportive diatribes as well as documenting her life in Syria.

Twins Zahra and Salma Halane, from Manchester, sent threatening messages to their family, swearing hatred for ‘the infidels’ and encouraging them to join ISIS. One message, sent by Zahra to encourage her two younger brothers to sign up as ‘future mujaheddin’, read: ‘We might seem evil to you, but we will all be happy in jannah [the afterlife]. Are you coming to Dawlah [ISIS]? They will train you up. You will meet boys from England, China, Ireland, Sweden, FROM EVERYWHERE. Want to see my Kalash [Kalashnikov]?? Ha ha ha.’

In December 2013, Salma was caught viewing ISIS propaganda at their sixth form college, which included images of a suicide vest, a boy with a machine gun and a British jihadist in Syria, named Abu Qaqa.

Qaqa, a prolific ISIS recruiter from Manchester whose real name is Raphael Hostey, later boasted of how he lured the twins to Syria.

On her arrival, one of the twins (Zahra) declared: ‘I am 16 years old and among the women warriors of [ISIS].


February 9, 2019

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Zahra Halane, a 16 years old girl belong to a Somali Muslim family. The Halane family is of Somali origin, but lived in Denmark as refugees […]
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