Ken Pennington

Advisor – UK

Mr Ken Pennington is a retired Superintendent Police, Northern Ireland and an independent consultant on policing, counter-terrorism and human rights. He has vast experience in counter-terrorism and security-related issues. Mr Pennington has served as Commander of Counter Terrorism and Public Order. He has studied many counter-terrorism courses, including the course of Counter Terrorism and Politics from St. Andrews University. He has the great honour to serve as the head of the Queen’s security detail when she visited Northern Ireland. Among the various personalities he has met during his breath-taking career, former CIA Director Mr Leon Panetta is one of the most well known. Mr Pennington has been honoured with the Queen Jubilee award. As a speaker, he has delivered many lectures, including:

  • Lecturer for Organisation for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights on Counter Terrorism (Counter Radicalization) and Human Rights.
  • Lecturer on Decision Making and the Management of Risk for Health Service NI.
  • Lecturer at the Institute for European Peace Studies on Border Protection in Brussels.
  • Participant on UN panel (Internet Governance Forum), Geneva.

He also participated in many international forums on the issue of global terrorism such as:

  • Participant on UN panel concerning State intrusion into social media and international legal
    instruments (Mapping the Internet).
  • Participant on UN panel (Internet Governance Forum), Geneva.

Mr Pennington has conducted high level research on world’s top terrorist organisations such

  • Researcher and Lecturer on the strategic response to terrorism and Boko Haram for the UK
    Department for International development in Abuja, Nigeria.

He is an author of many research and academic papers such as:

  • Co-author (with Orla Lynch, UCC) of Counterterrorism, Community Policing and the Flags
    Protests: An Examination of Police Perceptions of Northern Ireland’s Operation Dulcet. Studies in
    Conflict – Terrorism Volume 38, issue 7, 2015
  • Author of The International Nature of Terrorism: Why We Need to Listen to Cassandra,
    published by the Royal United Services Institute, 2012

The list of his great achievements is ongoing. At ITCT, Mr Ken Pennington is providing consultancy services on counter-terrorism and security-related matters and while representing ITCT he is also available to provide his expert consultancy services to reputed organisations that are in search of some sound advice.