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ITCT offers its expert services to researchers, academics, students, profit & non-profit organisations and governmental institutions. We have qualified analysts, advisors and consultants who have vast expertise in counter terrorism, international political affairs and risk assessment in conflict zones as well as relatively low threat regions.

We are currently offering following services to organisations and individuals:

  • Survey on Demand.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Consultancy and Advisory Services.
  • Research Report on Demand.
Survey On Demand:
ITCT offers its services to organisations and individuals looking to hold a (online or offline) survey but don't have the resources to do so or don't know the right people. We are in contact with professionals who have experience of holding surveys for reputable think tanks and academic journals. We also work on deadlines.
Risk Assessment:
We offer risk assessment services to organisations, business firms, investment companies and individuals in all the regions we cover. So maybe you are an investor who wants to invest in a certain region but are not aware of the risks it may carry? Or maybe you're an individual who is about to go for vacation to a certain spot but have no idea about the security risks involved? We are here to help you get yourself better informed before making a decision that may put your assets or life at risk. Our risk assessment analyzes what can go wrong, how likely it is to happen, what the potential consequences are, and how tolerable the identified risk is.
Consultancy and Advisory Services:
As an organisation with analysts, experts and researchers who have vast experience of working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, we are in a unique position to offer our consultancy and advisory services to companies, governmental institutions and individuals in all the regions we cover. So maybe you are a governmental institution in a certain country and you are looking for someone with vast experience in counter-terrorism and counter-extremism in your country for advisory role? We will dispatch one of our experts in your country to help you with the job. Or maybe you're a business firm looking for someone to advise you on security-related matters to keep your investments secure, then we've got that covered too.
Research Report on Demand:
Reports for Organisations:
Our experts and analysts are ready to prepare exclusive reports for organisations (for example, a TV channel, a news website, a magazine, etc) that need to cover a conflict zone without step into it. The report could be in the form of a video episode or series, a photo report or a text-based report in PDF format, whatever fits the requirements of our respected client.
Reports for Researchers:
Our qualified analysts can create unique reports for researchers who need to assess the situation in any country or region but cannot find authentic sources of information.
Reports for Students and Professors:
Our researchers and analysts are ready to make any assessment for students pursuing a Graduate, Masters or PhD degree in the field of counter terrorism, political sciences or conflicts, who don't have enough resources to prepare their thesis or simply want more professional help with their academic work. We can prepare research-based assessments, thesis and exclusive authentic reports for students to help them achieve success in their academic career. Similarly, we also offer our services to teachers and professors who may be interested in hiring our services to help with their own research or academic paper.
Data for Journalists:
Our experts and well-placed sources in different regions work hard to obtain exclusive data, including data on terrorist networks and different ongoing conflicts, to create exclusive reports, and we are more than happy to provide some of that data to journalists who work with different local and international newspapers and media organizations. They can obtain the data from ITCT and use it in their own news reports or for further research purposes. In short, we are open to becoming a source for journalists.
We are currently covering following regions and countries: • USA (North America and South America) • Europe (UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark and Norway) • South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) • Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Israel) • Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya and Egypt)
We continue to add more countries and regions to our database.
Our experts are highly experienced in their fields; some of them have worked with law enforcement and intelligence services while others have worked with Jihadists organisations in the past. They not only have great expertise in their respective fields but also hold personal experience in how to cover and/or counter the menace of terrorism via various tools.

Our Confidentiality Policy:

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we have a very strict confidentiality policy. Any information provided to ITCT will always be in secure hands. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our confidentiality policy.

To hire us or discuss about any potential assignment which you may have for us, feel free to contact us at info@itct.org.uk

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