Youth is the society’s back bone and they are the future generation of our country. Unfortunately, there are many criminal activities that our youth are involved in. There are many types of crimes in England that need to be tackled with the help of a comprehensive strategy.

One of the major crimes that has harmed the image of the Muslim community in the UK is Islamist extremism and terrorism. There are nearly 1,000 youths who have travelled from the UK to war zones around the world in recent years. Far too many of our youngsters have travelled to Syria and Iraq for joining Islamic State (IS). Around half of those 1,000 returned back to the UK and are living among the community. These youngsters have become a danger to the society and this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible with the help of educational means.

ITCT has created two sections for counselling/training.

  • Islamist youth
  • Muslim youth

Islamist youth: those who either support Islamist extremism or are returnee Jihadists. 

Muslim youth: those who are normal Muslim youth and are not necessarily affiliated with an extremist or terrorist group.

Some of the content of our counselling and training will include:

  • The Definition of Terrorism.
  • Understanding Extremism.
  • The Concept Between War (jihad) and Terrorism.
  • The Responsibility of a Muslim in the West.
  • The British Values for the Muslim Youth (freedom/rights/coexistence, etc.)
  • The Islamic Rules of War and the Islamic Decree on Harming Civilians (who are civilians, what are their rights, etc.)
  • Muslim and Non-Muslim relations (individuals/policy makers/religious leaders, etc.)
  • Building Bridges Between the Muslim Community and Government Departments (police, council, HMR, security services, etc.)
  • Educating and Developing (being a successful Muslim citizen of the UK)
  • How to be a Peaceful and Law-abiding Citizen

Education is the key for change. Changing the minds of young people away from negativity and towards a steady journey to positivity. Islamists are very active with their propaganda and are skilled to use educational tools to push peaceful minds towards violence but this can be countered with the help of the right educational tools. There is a very wide gap between the Muslim community and the government departments in the West, and in UK in particular, and only trust, understanding and education can bridge that gap.

ITCT will play a crucial role in countering extremism by using educational tools to build up an atmosphere of trust and understanding between pillars of the country.

ITCT employs a professional team of experts that provides youth counselling and training programs effectively and efficiently. At the same time, ITCT cannot achieve these goals without community trust and support.

What Can We Do For The Public?

ITCT's expert team of counselors also offers its services to members of the Muslim community in a very discreet manner. If you have a family member or a friend who you think is drifting towards radicalisation, but at the same time you think it is too soon to inform law enforcement, you can contact ITCT. Our team of experts will work closely with the victim's family members and friends in a very discreet manner to help the victim move away from radicalisation and once again become a productive member of the society.

For inquiries for counseling, please send mail at with "youth Counselling" as the email's subject. Or fill the form given below



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