About Us

Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism (ITCT) is a UK-based Counter Islamist Terrorism think tank. ITCT is a non-political and non-profitable organisation. There is not a single organisation that specifically counters the narratives of Islamist terrorism by using the tools of Islamic Theology. Our aim is not only to counter the menace of Islamist Terrorism but also to educate misguided Muslims who are leaning towards Islamist extremism.


Countering Islamist Terrorism:

Our mission is how to counter the menace of Islamist terrorism. We aim to use Islamic theology to counter the extremist ideology of terrorists by publishing reports, writing articles, recording video lectures and conducting comprehensive research on related topics such as Counter Violence Extremism, Counter Financing of Terrorism, etc. As an organisation dedicated to countering Islamist terrorism, we aim to introduce counter-narratives to help governments educate the public about the severe threat posed by Islamist extremism and equip our youth with the tools to counter it via Islamic theology. As an organisation dedicated to changing the way terrorism is researched, our team of highly qualified and experienced terrorism researchers and analysts produces top-notch research on Islamist terrorism. From Khorasan to Africa and from Germany to USA, our expert team monitors terrorist activities in real time and delivers policy-relevant research that would enhance strategic counter-terrorism thinking as well as keep governments, institutions and individuals informed on the latest trends on terrorism. As an organisation dedicated to monitoring and countering Islamist terrorism, we leverage our expertise by offering our deft services – in the form of risk assessment, advisory role, research-on-demand – to governments, institutions, firms and individuals around the world.


Educating Muslim Community:

Our vision is to educate Muslims, especially the young generation which is the prime target for extremists as they are the most vulnerable in the community. We will provide them the knowledge and necessary tools so they could easily differentiate between political Islam and Islam as a religion, between terrorism and warfare and between radical ideology and peaceful ideology, with the help of Islamic theology..


Providing the Solution of Islamist Terrorism:

We will provide solutions to Islamist terrorism from the religious texts that have been manipulated by Islamists in order to misguide Muslims especially those living in Western Europe, USA, and in the UK. Islamists follow their radical clerics who use the religion of Islam as a tool to commit acts of terrorism in regards to achieving their narrow-minded political ends. We will try to de-radicalise them with the help of Islamic narratives, Fatwas (Religious Decrees) of Islamic scholars and with Quranic texts that support coexistence in a multicultural society. There are many more tools that we aim to use in order to bring these extremist Muslims back into the mainstream society as peaceful and law-abiding citizens.

Research Papers

We publish exclusive research reports, compiled by some of the best researchers in the world.


We publish fact-based as well as perspective articles by our accomplished writers.


We are extensively quoted in the international media and publications.

years of experience

Our collective team of experts, analysts and researchers have vast experience in counter-terrorism.