Global Imam Council (GIC)

The Global Imams Council based in Iraq is the world’s first and largest international non-governmental body of Muslim religious Leaders from all Islamic Denominations and Schools of thought, with a rapidly growing number of over 1000 members worldwide.

Our diverse council of Imams advocates for peaceful coexistence, tolerance, mutual respect, and the building of bridges with all religious communities, along with tackling extremist ideologies and militant Islam (Islamism). Our Imams are established and prominent representatives of the holy Islamic Seminaries, and oversee the affairs of Muslim communities worldwide on a daily basis. Our council is the first Imams Council to provide females with administerial roles, and currently serves over 800 communities, Mosques, Islamic Centers, Schools, and Charitable Organizations around the world.

The Global Imams Council rejects violence and all violent ideologies. Our President and Director previously served as motivational speakers to the Iraqi Government’s Department of Defense during the war against ISIS. Our council is focused on tackling extremist ideologies and countering Islamic Extremism, terrorism, political and militant Islam (Islamism). We cooperate with security agencies and engage communities and faith-leaders of both Islam and other religions to reaffirm a commitment to developing cooperative programs that prevent violence.

All applicants to this Imams Council must agree to its Constitution and this Declaration, as well as be certified by the Islamic Theology of Counter-Terrorism (ITCT).

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Cyber Bureau

The Institute for Cyber Policy Studies (CyBureau) is an Israeli based Cyber company. Cybureau aims to empower the human factor that operates the technology. It creates contents and delivers training, education and knowledge in order to empower the digital citizens, Internet and Information Technology users.

Cybureau comprises experienced and talented experts, researchers and consultants all related to Cyberspace and the Internet, to form a network and one-stop center of knowledge and empowerment.

This enables us to deliver tailor-made know-how in every relevant topic and to a wide range of audiences and consumers.

Cybureau Motto:

  • We deliver knowledge, not technology.
  • We empower people, not machines.
  • We empower digital citizens in a wide range of topics due to the varied and inclusive nature of the digital age.

The general Agreement of Cooperation between ITCT and Cybureau is to contribute to the development of both institutions by increasing the scientific and academic, exchanges and collaboration in various areas, where there is mutual interest in establishing specific Protocols of Cooperation.

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