Welcome to the section of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism. The idea is to counter terrorism and extremism in the name of Islam via Islamic Theology and Islamic arguments, since we have realised that the solution for Islamist extremism and terrorism can only come from within Islam. No Western or foreign solution will work in this area and that’s the main idea behind this think tank itself.

There is not a single organisation around today that specifically counters the narratives of Islamist terrorism by using the tools of Islamic Theology. Our aim is not only to counter the menace of Islamist Terrorism but also to educate misguided Muslims are leaning towards Islamist extremism.

We are very much aware of extremism in other religions and cultures but as Muslims, it’s our duty to take responsibility of the crime that is happening in the name of our religion. We have to clean our own mess by accepting these three facts:

  • that Islamist Terrorism is wrongly associated with our religion
  • and is committed by our misguided Muslims
  • by manipulating religious texts to brainwash Muslims

Without accepting the responsibility, we cannot move forward to encounter this horror that has wrapped the world with death and destruction. And with that in mind, we decided to launch an organisation with the prime responsibility of using positive Islamic Theology to counter the negativity of Islamist and Jihadist narrative and help bring as many radicalised Muslims back into the fold of our civilised society.

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