ITCT is a UK-based counter-terrorism think tank. The idea is to counter terrorism and extremism in the name of Islam via Islamic Theology and Islamic arguments since we have realized that the solution for Islamist extremism and terrorism can only come from within Islam. No Western or foreign solution will work in this area. And that is the main idea behind this think tank. We have a very professional team of experts that conducts comprehensive research on different regions such as Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and more.

We are interested in seeking out analysts, researchers, academics, etc. who are looking to contribute some of their authentic content on our website in the form of articles and research reports. Some of these research reports could be behind a paywall (part of our business model), depending on the quality of the content. The author will get a share from royalties each time someone pays to download the report. So, there is incentive involved for everyone.

If you are a writer, author, analyst, or researcher, please use your valuable skills to benefit ITCT as well as the society as a whole in regards to providing strong educational tools to the community. We warmly welcome talented writers and researchers.

If you are interested in Join Our Team please do not hesitate and fill out the form given below.

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