Analyst- UK

Arturo Morselli is post graduated in Terrorism and Political Violence from University of St Andrews, Scotland and graduated in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at Kings College London. He has graduated in May 2020 with a dissertation project on Salafi Jihadism and a critical analysis of the theological elements in the ideology of the Hay’ at Tahrir al-Sham (a Syrian-based extremist group). He maintains a clear focus on the study of Islamic Theology and the way its interpretation feeds into such concepts as radicalisation and terrorism, with a further interest in the Middle East. He is also studying Arabic, so as to have a deeper understanding of original texts and Arabic-written content. ​

He is about to finish a four-month long internship with a diplomatic NGO in consultative status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations, and has carried out in-depth research and analysis on matters of policy-making and geopolitics. He had had the opportunity to present and argue his report at the UN General HQ in New York City, which surely was an incredibly valuable experience. ​

He has a strong and sincere passion for Islamic Theology and questions concerning the ways to counter extremist interpretations of the latter through a nuanced and thorough study and understanding of religious literature. ​

He believes that having the opportunity to get involved with the work he carries out would be extremely valuable to his personal growth of knowledge of such topics, and he also believes that he could positively contribute given is interest and knowledge of systematic Islamic theology and Islamic literature, together with the knowledge of past and current geopolitical aspects of the Middle East.