Martin Beck

Advisor – USA

Martin Beck is a former British Army, Operator Special Intelligence. Martin’s military training began at the Defence Intelligence and Security Centre. Career choices and military restructuring led Martin to further train in all pillars of intelligence with specialisations and trade qualifications in communications and imagery analysis, heavily involved and individually instrumental in multiple source collection, collation, processing and dissemination of information. Assisting in forging and enhancing the operational advantage of the UK / US and allies’ strategic objectives.

He worked in several key positions reacting to real-time intelligence input and analysis for combat operations in multiple international arenas to support UK, US and NATO operational commitments and to protect the aforementioned military personnel in those operational theatres.  He is also a practiced and fluent in briefing military, government and agency representatives including heads of UK and US agencies, establishments and other global decision-makers.

Trained on multiple personal and section level weapons and maintaining marksman standard on the British Army rifle and pistol. Additionally, trained on GPMG, Minimi, LSW, L9A1 51mm Mortar and Grenades. Combat proficient, working autonomously and attached to a variety of units and practiced in section, regimental and battalion level manoeuvres. He also has advanced driving skills, practiced in a variety of vehicles in all terrains.

Martin has additional skills, unique to the operational military intelligence lifestyle such as Risk Assessor, Marksman and highly classified technical knowledge and experience and has also worked with defence contractors, trialling and bringing experimental equipment and platforms into service. He has been awarded the operational NATO medal with bar for the Former Yugoslavia and the operational medal with bar for Northern Ireland. He has been mentioned for going above and beyond the call of duty in unit and received an operational Royal Air Force award for potentially saving the lives of 14 servicemen in the Middle East.

Since finishing with the military and after a further 12 years in logistics and the hazardous chemical and petroleum industry (both upstream and downstream) is founder, director and CEO of ShepherdGroup an international and premium solutions provider with security at the core.