April 29, 2019

Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appears in new video released by al-Furqan Media

Islamic State’s (IS) chief Abu Bakr Baghdadi made his first video appearance in almost five years on Monday, vowing to continue the battle against the U.S. […]
April 26, 2019

Alleged Islamic State fighters in Mozambique resurfaced on April 25, 2019: Does it warrant any concerns?

On 25th April 2019, the following image of “Soldiers of the Caliphate in Mozambique” recirculated on Telegram with an attached message: “The soldiers of the Caliphate […]
April 25, 2019

Heavy fighting between Taliban, Islamic State in Afghanistan continues

Afghanistan: Afghan Taliban are battling fighters loyal to the Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) group over control of territory in eastern Afghanistan in some of the heaviest clashes […]
April 25, 2019

Australian PM plays down Islamic State plot to target Anzac Day Gallipoli events

Ankara: Turkish police said they had arrested a Syrian national who was planning retaliation for New Zealand mosque attack. The suspect, a Syrian national, was arrested […]
April 24, 2019

Wisconsin woman pleads guilty to providing material support to Islamic State

U.S.: A Wisconsin mother of seven pleaded guilty Monday to trying to plan terrorist attacks on behalf of the Islamic State group by distributing information online on […]
April 21, 2019

More than 200 killed as churches and hotels targeted in Sri Lanka bombings claimed by Islamic State

Colombo: At least 207 people have been killed and 450 hurt in explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, police say. [CNN Images] Eight blasts […]
April 20, 2019

Belgian security agency says over 100 Salafist organisations are active in the country

Brussels: The federal state security agency (VSSE) of Belgium has listed more than 100 Salafist organisations in Belgium, many of them extremist in nature, according to a written […]
April 19, 2019

Multiple Afghan intelligence personnel killed in Taliban bombing in Herat

Afghanistan: Three officers from Herat’s Directorate of National Security (NDS) were killed in an explosion while defusing an IED bomb fixed to a vehicle, the NDS confirmed […]
April 19, 2019

Pakistan Counter-Terrorism Department arrests suspected Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan terrorist allegedly involved in the murder of Daniel Pearl

Pakistan: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested two suspected terrorists with alleged links to the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Friday. The CTD sources said that on […]
April 19, 2019

Leaked Islamic State letters show al-Baghdadi is still alive and leading the terror group

Washington: According to a recent report by Fox News, leaked Islamic State letters show that IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may be still alive and leading […]
April 19, 2019

Islamic State is not defeated and in fact looking for resurgence

Washington: Despite losing its caliphate to U.S.-backed forces last month, Islamic State’s resurgence continues to gain momentum across Iraq and Syria, a new report said Friday. “ISIS is […]
April 19, 2019

More than 2,000 suspected foreign IS fighters being held in Syria, U.S. officials say

Washington: The number of suspected foreign IS fighters being detained by U.S.-backed forces in Syria has now surpassed 2,000, with a small number claiming to be […]

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